Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feeling French? Bien sûr!

Bensimon Lacet Coquille

Sometimes I like to "look French". I'm sure my notions are hackneyed and no Parisian would ever mistake me as one of their own; nevertheless long-sleeved striped shirts claim an entire drawer to themselves in my dresser, and if you catch me in matte red lipstick, you can bet I am having one of "those days". It's not any single go-to outfit that makes me feel I've accomplished my goal, but a certain laid-back chic that arrives from combining clean lines with a pop of color and perhaps the perfect je ne sais quois accessory. Bensimon's perfectly French, canvas shoes go a long way in this pursuit. They're a simple casual sneaker (or slip-on), sans ridiculous branding, that ooze laissez-faire in fun pops of color or the perfect faded neutrals. Keeping it super relaxed with the laid-back price-tag of$55 a pair, you don't have to limit yourself to just one color. Check out how cool international street-style bloggers are wearing theirs here and here.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Father's Day is tomorrow! If you're like me you basically never give presents on time (but you make up for it, by always giving great presents!) So, here it is, the "it might be late, but don't you just LOVE it?!!" Father's Day Gift Ideas:

Areaware Cherrrywood Cubebot Areaware Medium Magno Radio $275

Areaware Small Magno Radio $230 Areaware Micro Magno Radio $155
Areaware Large Magno Radio $305
Rumba Mercer Watch $175 Tokyo Boy Brown canvas watch$62 Tokyo Bay Blue Canvas Watch$62
Tokyo Bay Orange leather Watch $74

Tokyo Bay Striped Canvas Watch $62 Tokyo Bay Red Canvas Watch $62

1. The Areaware sustainably harvested cherrywood Cubebot.
This modern little rubix cube has amazing design appeal and is a super toy/desk distraction for any age.

2. Areaware Magno Wooden Radios
Made from naturally harvested new growth wood, these little AM/FM radios (with ipod jacks) have not only won multiple design awards, but deliver great sound!

3. Watches!
Father's day is synonymous with watches. It's just true, why fight it? These modern watches are affordable, and have a subtle modern cool. (The Rumba Mercer is also available in black with black face, white with white face and red with black face).

As always please call or email for further details, and shipping information: