Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's Spring! A Time for New Beginnings, Babies + Bunnies, of Course!

Oh, hello baby bunny in a darling red pram; I know YOU mean spring!

Hello faithful Birch (B)log Readers!

It's been waaaaaay too long since you've heard from me. Let's start anew! It is Spring after all, and I do apologize, most sincerely. I promise I have a really good excuse. His name is Oscar Osceola Spierer, born November 7th, 2011 at home in Brooklyn. He is a real charmer with handlebar eyebrows and is just about the happiest guy I ever have  known! See? ======>
So quickly I shamelessly flaunt my cute baby to gain forgiveness digress...

Let's talk about Spring!

We had an early taste of warm weather and happy blooms this March, (never mind it's rawther chilly and mucky today), and we want more! The Birch Store is welcoming spring (and just in time for Easter) with a new crew of woodland friends. 
I must give credit for the phrase "woodland friends" to a young Kjell C. Many years back on an ATIS High Peaks Camp trip Kjell discovered his toothbrush was not in his framepack. He stepped to the edge of the trail and cupped his hands to his mouth: Woodland friends? Hello? Woodland friends? Can you lend me a hand and bring me back my toothbrush? *******************************************

These Danish-designed woodland friends would happily help you find your toothbrush! They have the most darling outfits (one bunny sunbathes in a bikini!) and the sweetest personalities. Come visit the store to meet the friendly families and admire the adorable window displays Cheri and Barb created for them. Or, feel free to reach out to us from afar; we'll gladly ship a bunny or other buddy to Easter baskets in any locale. 

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