Monday, January 24, 2011

Clean Your Dirty Dogs!

True Story:
Here I am sitting in front of the computer trying to decide what to cover in this post, when I hear a terrible retching coming from the floor. Dorothy, my darling dapple dachshund, is, ahem, regurgitating her dinner on the rug. Not once, not twice, not three times nor four, but FIVE times. All on the rug. Not just her dinner, but mine as well. (Apparently someone got into the lamb saagwala while I wasn't looking.) Joke's on her? Or, me. As I soak and dab at this mess, Dorothy is trying to gobble up the giant piece of lamb and unchewed kibble she has just deposited all over the nubby rug. Um, Gross. You kiss your mother with that mouth???
Dogs are dirty.

They must be cleaned.
This shampoo and conditioner are the best. The scent is called WOODS, and it's lovely: fresh and earthy (but not hippie-ish ). The ingredients are 100% natural, mostly organic, pH balanced for dogs, and dye and sulfate-free. It's made from all kinds of delicious hard-working ingredients: green tea extract to keep the bugs away, rosemary and peppermint to stimulate and heal skin and jojoba oil and wheat protein to moisturize and protect. Dorothy, when she's not wrecking my rug, receives a lot of complements on her soft , shiny coat. And you guys, I am not even kidding, I have used it myself when I've run out of shampoo and conditioner. Worked great, smelled great. Am I over-sharing? It says right on the bottle: Good for dogs, people and the environment, just don't drink it or use it on your cat! Now, if I can just get Dorothy to brush her teeth...

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