Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Merit Badges for your Bathroom

Hey everyone, I got a new shower curtain. Do you think that's boring news? Well, it's not.
Look at it:

You guys! It's boy scouts' badges! It makes me happy. I keep sending my guests into the bathroom to look at it. Thus far, everyone agrees: it's dreamy. I guess it's actually old-school badges. The Boy Scouts of America have been around for 100 years now, and, well, times have changed: the charming flaming logs have been replaced by a fireman's hat (I guess flames don't incite safety?)and merits such as Tracking or Signaling have given way to badges for Dog Care (I'm not making this up) and Computers. Me? I never was a girl scout. I was a brownie, when I was five. I pretty much remember it entailing sitting in a basement crafting clothespin people.(Don't get me wrong, minus the church basement that STILL sounds like a good time, and in fact, is pretty much how I spend my Wednesday nights.) I was a scout in my own right, though. Too bad ATIS didn't hand out badges. Oh well. I guess I'll be content to work toward these.

Boy Scout Badge Shower Curtain from The Birch Store, $55. Soft unbleached poly/cotton canvas. (Feels and looks like cotton, not creepy polyester; the poly just helps to make it water & mold resistant.) Buttonhole eyelets. Packaged in a cute 8” x 10” printed sham. 72" x 72" Please call 518.576.4561 or email for details and shipping.

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