Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Problem of Winter Leggings Solved

Photo by Raymond Kleboe circa 1960 from Getty Images

"Wintry mix" anyone? This cutesy weather phrase is defined by a mixture of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow! Ack! It's terrifying out there. My dog literally took one look out the open door and ran in the other direction! Unfortunately, some of us don't have that luxury; we have to go out there. (Fortunately not to "make our business calls," but still...)

This brings us to the question of WHAT TO WEAR? We've all come to love the legging. They're comfortable and flattering and easy to wear. I am especially drawn to them this time of year as the streamline-fit of a legging down below can balance out the bulk of winter-wear up top. Unfortunately, heading out into a wintry mix with a thin layer of cotton/spandex on your legs leads to a sad double-stick ice pop wearing boots. (I googled it, no images; you'll have to use your own imagination on this one!) The Birch Store to the rescue! I present to you: the iLux Fleece-Lined Legging. My mom put these in my stocking and before I left Keene Valley for the mean streets of Brooklyn, I went to the store to pick up a second pair!
Here's why they're perfect:

1. They are WARM and cozy (soooooooooo soft inside). This time of year I want to crawl into a fireplace curl up and go to sleep and not come out until April, nah, May. These leggings feel like that fireplace.

2. They do not look sporty. The outside of this dreamy legwear has a matte finish, not shiny, and the leggings are lined in fleece. This is not "Turtle Fur" for your legs. (Remember the 80s? Or was this a "Vermont only" thing?) Yes, sportswear has come up with solutions to this beast called winter, but I am in the business of discussing fashion. I enjoy cross-country skiing, but that is not how I want to dress when going out. (Though I did wear them cross-country skiing. They were a toasty dream, plus I looked cute. ANYway, moving on...)

3. They are black and COMPLETELY opaque. Black leggings are flattering and go with everything.

4. Depending on how tight you wear your jeans, these can also be used as a cozy layer to prevent wind-whip caused by wearing un-layered jeans in the winter.

5. They're only $28.50

*Please note: there is a butt and crotch seam. If you like to wear your leggings with something that does not cover your bottom at all, these are not for you. If you like to wear your leggings with tunics, long cardigans, dresses, skirts, etc. you owe it to yourself to get these leggings. Popsicles in boots are not fashionable.

Sizes S/M and M/L Also available as footed-tights.

Call 518.576.4561 or email thebirchstore@gmail.com for details and shipping.

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  1. Yikes! Some people wear their leggings a bit too tight! Luckily for me, my Nononsense leggings haven't ever had any problems like being too tight or thin.