Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Purses and Ponies

Photo by Tony Anderson; styled by Maya Judd

I don't know about you, but I need a workhorse for a purse. A Clydesdale, but a Clydesdale disguised as a Shetland Pony that's really a pack mule in a Blue Stallion's body. (Horse digression? Bear with me.) I need a purse that can carry a book, a notebook, a wallet, a phone, keys, hand cream, lip balm, a water bottle, maybe a spontaneous purchase, a collapsible bag (for more purchases) and sometimes my dog, but doesn't make me look like a ridiculous person lugging her life around,
and still looks sharp when nearly empty.

I've found my pretty pony. I'm committed. I've actually had the same one in suede since 2007, but since a purse of mine is required to ride the subway, sit on the floor at restaurants, and unfortunately get spilled on at shows, I'm very excited that it now comes in soft buttery leather (a harder working material than suede).


It's a classic, slouchy "hobo" bag. It's the unstructured, expandable slouchiness that allows it to accommodate all those things you must have on you because you might need them and still look good on those days you leave the house with all you actually need (license, Amex, phone and keys). The roomy interior has a zipper pocket, (which is currently storing the THIS CANNOT GET LOST Knicks vs Heat ticket of my husband's) and two other well sized pockets (so you don't have to go digging for that ringing phone). The entire top zips closed, so you don't have to worry about your entire life spilling out into the world when you send it through the airport security belt. The comfy strap has a 10" drop, which means it works in the summer with a tank top as well as in the bulky winter, and is attached by two harness rings – perfect for clipping on treasures so you can be a horse of a different color. Maybe Craft a pompom or attach a fox tail, (which I do believe can be purchased from our very own local taxidermy shop for $15).

Call 518.576.4561 or email for details, other colors and shipping info.

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