Wednesday, December 15, 2010

6th Day of Chrismukah Sale is Warm and Fuzzy Inside and Out: WE WILL DONATE 150% OF TODAY'S BLOG PROMOTED SALES TO DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS

Original Unisex Red/Black Plaid
 $36 $28.80
Original Unisex Red $36 $28.80

It is outrageously cold out there, both upstate and down. My ears nearly froze and cracked off while walking Dorothy to the wine store last night. It's time to break out the winter gear for real: the hats, the gloves, the scarves, the boots, the socks, all of it. It's here. (Eek) This is one of my favorite hats. I have it in navy. (Which I guess they don't do any more. Sorry. Don't be mad. Your coat is black anyway, right?) This original wool cap with fold-down ear flaps is legitimately timeless (it's been around since 1903) which makes it legitimately fashionable. It's lined with 100% soft cotton: extra warmth no itchiness. The band can be tied to make minor size adjustments and pulled down for extra ear protection. (Note to self and ears: move this hat from the winter storage box down to the mudroom rotation.)
Unisex Charcoal $36 $28.80
Lady Cap: Winter White $36 $28.80

The lady cap is basically the same, sans fold-down earflaps. The band still pulls down for ear reinforcements, has a comfy ribbed knit insert, and it comes in the dreamy winter-white. There are also original caps for the kiddos in red! Imagine the super cuteness of what I just said. Take a second. Let it soak in. Got it? Good. Cute pie.

Lady Cap: Chocolate 
$36 $28.80

Lady Cap: Eggplant $36 $28.80
Now that our ears are warm, let's get warm and fuzzy. The Birch Store will donate 150% of the proceeds from today's hat sales to Doctors Without Borders (wait, 150%? yep you read it correctly). So, please buy one for everyone you know with ears. Sizing reference is below, or as always, call or email us and we'll happily walk you through the division of π.

Same rules apply. Every purchase of a Chrismukah Sale item automatically enters you into the Holiday Lottery. On December 21 we will draw 3 lucky winners to receive a $50, $100 or $150 gift certificate to The Birch Store. Happy Holidays and stay warm!

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