Friday, December 31, 2010

Cheers! Its The New Year!

The presents have all been opened, the goose has been cooked, eaten, and turned into broth, and now it's time for champers! How and where will you be having yours?

Mrs. Birch Store will be entertaining the usual suspects in her home, where everyone is asked to share a poem with their toast.

I'll be bopping from a super bonfire/sledding party (if there is any snow left – it's downright balmy out there!) to a braised bison (yes, BISON!) short ribs dinner whipped up by my nearest and dearest at Greenpoint foods.

We'll all be toasting champagne, (or more likely the prosecco recovered form my wedding) in these etched glasses.

I am slightly obsessed with these glasses. I have been for years. Here's the thing, I'm not craaaaazy about stemware. It's fine, but I'm clumsy, so we're not always a good match. These flutes (the slender pretties in the back) ditch the stem without ditching the elegance. Even more exciting for me, (Calamity Jane posing as Audrey Hepburn) is the fact that they are all delicate and light feeling and looking, but are made from the same glass as chemistry beakers, so in fact they are super durable. (As someone who has literally smashed a glass in the act of cheers, this is a quality I look for.)
Flutes: $9.50; Medium glass: $8.50; Small Glass: $8.00; Bowl: $14.00

Happy Happy New Year to all of you! See you next year!

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