Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Morning Coffee with a Splash of Color

I love color. Especially in my kitchen. I love coffee. Especially French press. It is obvious why I love this ceramic French press. I honestly don't really know how to make drip coffee any more, besides drip makers are bulky and not pretty to look at on your counter. I drink my coffee black, so the fancy-pants cappuccino makers don't call out to me, (or my bank). The French press is simple: boil water, grind the beans for 15 seconds, fill pot to the ridge (top of black) with ground beans, fill pot with boiling water, steep while doing one morning puttering task, press and drink. 

Forlife coffee press is currently available at The Birch Store in red, celery and white for $39.

Tea is not really my thing, I like it, I drink it on occasion, but I don't LOVE it. I know people who do. They just love tea and all that it stands for. I respect those feelings, they just aren't mine. So for all you tea-lovers out there, you can bring a pot of color to your kitchen as well: Curve teapot with infuser, $36, currently available in  lilac, sage, turquoise and paprika. Please inquire about special ordering other colors.

Launch promotion continues through December 5th. 15 % off entire purchase*! Just mention the Blog!
*sale item excluded. One time use per customer.

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