Saturday, December 18, 2010

One More for Keeping Warm: Cashmiracle on Main St

It's the weekend! Today's Chismukah 20% off sale is good for today and tomorrow!
No new post tomorrow.
Every year I have to relearn the same lesson. I come back from Thanksgiving vacation, and there he is: Old Man Winter breathing his nasty frosty breath on me, and every year I turn my head and try to ignore him and continue wearing cotton ankle socks. Then around Christmas time my cranky, cold, clammy (eeeeew) feet speak up. LOUDLY. They're all, "Hellew! Remember how much we all love cashmere? Remember warm, cozy, moisture-wicking goodness? Can you wise up and take care of us a little better? Do you think it's cute to abuse us while we carry you around all day? (BTW, maybe lay off the holiday cookies, jeez.)" I tell them to pipe down, and to take their cookie complaints to the taste bud department, but I know they're right. The battle against winter is won simply; all it takes is the right clothes (and at least one vacation). Et voila! Cashmere (for soft warmth), wool (for moisture-wicking wamth) and nylon (for durability) blend socks. Treat the feet; they deserve it.
Men's and women's socks (ankle and knee-high)
$18.95 - $23.95, $15.16 - $19.16
Baby socks: $13.50 $10.80
Call or email for complete selection of colors and sizes.





It's truly a Chrismukah cashmiracle! Why should the feet get all the glory? Your ears had to listen to all their whining! YOU GUYS! 100% Cashmere hats! The softest, warmest, coziest dream. Hooray for cashmere!
Don't forget: All Chrismukah 20% off sale purchases automatically enter your name into the Holiday Lottery. On December 21st we will draw three lucky names to receive a $50, $100 or $150 gift certificate to The Birch Store. Happy Holidays!
100% CASHMERE Hats $62 $49.60

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