Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elephant in the Room

You guys. Let's talk about the:

Photo via Wooster Collective

WHERE IS THE BIRCH STORE WEBSITE? What about ordering these special treasures I keep blabbing on and on about? Well, we're working on it; one step into the digital future at a time. We're looking to create a site that is both beautiful and functional as well as representative of the in-store shopping experience. Mark my words people, you heard it here first: 2011 WILL see the launch of The Birch Store website. I promise. 

In the mean time, don't be shy. Call us on our landline. Or email us. We're more than happy to answer questions, wrap and ship gifts and genuinely be helpful.  ~  518.576.4561

**Stay tuned, the 10 Days of Chrismukah SALE and chances to win gift certificates up to $150 starts tomorrow.**

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  1. This store is my must stop and shop every time I head up to LP, we love everything about it, the store set up, the goods, and clothing.. look forward to seeing whats new with each visit!!You will be posted on our blog as a must visit in the adirondacks very soon!! Thank you: