Friday, December 10, 2010

On the Second Day of Chrismukuh My True Love Gave to Me...

Our Favorite Gift Soaps!

Lightfoot's Pure Pine Soap is truly amazing. It smells like a fresh pine forest. Men LOVE it. So do women. It's made by the oldest soap manufacturer in the U.S and at one time was only available in private clubs (meow meow). It's all natural and ultra-moisturizing. It has a rich creamy lather, and, because it is a hard milled soap, it lasts a long time in the shower without dissolving or losing it's fresh scent. Use it after you play that game of polo. 
Box of four: $22 $17.60

Want the perfect complexion of a fair Swedish maiden? Apparently the secret lies in a long tradition of eggwhite facials! Who knew? These soaps are worth buying for the packaging  alone,(a real sturdy charmer of a box)
but beyond that, they work wonders. It's all about working up a rich lather and letting it sit on your face for a spell. The egg whites naturally draw out skin impurities and the rose water does the job of moisturizing. Dreamy.

Box of six: $22 $17.60

Yay for the second Day of Chrismukah!Here's how it works, for ten days we will be offering some of our favorite items at 20% off. Each item is on sale for ONE day only, but EVERY time you buy a sale item your name is automatically entered into the Holiday Lottery. On December 21 we will draw 3 lucky names to win a $50, $100 or $150 gift certificate to The Birch Store. Buying multiples? Get multiple entries. Have fun! Happy Holidays!

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