Monday, December 13, 2010

Analog Moments

Alarm clocks. For the most part they conjure up negative feelings, but somehow these little battery-operated friends got me feeling all sappy sentimental today. Bare with me a moment. I was just sitting here, thinking about alarm clocks, about how I don't really use them except when I travel because I make my cellphone do everything and it complies. (I'm hoping by next year it learns to mop). I set my alarm on my phone, and in the morning I press snooze as many times as possible and have generally checked my email, Facebook and Twitter accounts all before getting out of bed. It's too much! Why don't I have one of these sleek little pals waking me up? (Mom, you reading this? Stocking stuffer?) It's the places we go where we surrender our cellphones that lead to some of our best experiences – Keene Valley and Burma come to mind for me – why not be reminded of these places each morning instead of the whirlwind of hubbub and grind? I realize I am turning alarm clocks into nostalgia. It may seem a bit obtuse, especially, when in fact these are highly designed and modern timepieces, but this is how I'm feeling about the matter. It's all about grasping for analog moments in a digital day. Boom.

As it turns out these clocks are uber-modern, designed to last, both aesthetically and functionally .
Some stats:
  • Durable ABS thermoplastic construction (THERMOPLASTICS, Mrs. Robinson!)
  • The Backlight and snooze functions are motion activated (Just swat at your clock and it reacts.)
  • It's analog, but virtually silent. Thanks to German UTS quartz movement (?!)
  • Extra-bold classic sans serif Arabic numerals
  • The hands and dial are luminous – also motion-activated – so you can seeeeeeeee them when you need to, and won't when you don't.
  • 4-step progressive alarm
  • Protective acrylic lens, traveling anyone?


  • Requires 1 ''AA'' battery (not included)
  • Overall dimensions: 3.5'' H x 3'' W
  • $28 $22.40

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